Association Speech Sample

Sample Association Speech: Scrabble Association Annual Dinner Speech

Writing a speech is difficult enough but writing one filled with words that would gets me double points is much more difficult. Tonight, though, I am taking a break from scrabble and letting my words come from my heart.

If anyone had told me that joining a scrabble club could be so entertaining and so mind- boggling I would have laughed at them. If anyone had told me I would make so many new friends I would have been sceptical. My idea would have been that it was a club for those with nothing better to do. Yet I was persuaded to join and, yes, scrabble did bring me those benefits and I am very glad I joined the club.

It’s hard to believe that yet another year has passed. Each one of us has had our sorrows and our joys during the year. Each one of us has had our failures and our achievements in that same time. We are all, in some way, a little different than we were this time last year.

Certainly if we dined in the style we are dining tonight we would all be slightly plumper. (If applicable) I would like to say that our social committee has done absolute wonders in organising this night. They have ensured that we have the right ambiance which is very important and they have even ensured that we are all in party spirits. So thank you folks, you’ve made it a night to remember.

Scrabble stretches the mind. When I hear a new word now I immediately wonder whether I can use it at my next game. So I have to look it up. When I see words my opponent uses I have to check on them too. The logic of this is that this speech should be absolutely dazzling and erudite but that is only the theory.

It’s fascinating to think that scrabble is played all over the world and to very different standards. Yet isn’t it nice to know that ordinary people everywhere can get such fun out of a simple game? Most players will never enter competitions. All they will do is enjoy the game at home. Those who do enter the competitions have the ability to use words we probably never even heard of. Even more importantly they can think ahead.

At this moment I am thinking ahead to next year’s dinner and hoping it will be as enjoyable as this one. Until then let us raise our glasses in a toast to Scrabble the game that teases and tantalises us. Now how many points would I get for that? Scrabble!

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