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Sample Business Speech: Opening of Bank Branch

Banks suggest different things to different people. For some it’s films about bank robbers such as Bonnie and Clyde. For others its vaults full of gold bullion. For more it’s multi million dollar businesses. There are those who put their life savings in them and others who still prefer to put it under the mattress. Yet I think the word that most of us associate with banks is convenience.

Historically, of course, people bartered. In today’s fast moving world, though, it really isn’t practical to swap a cow for gas for your auto or pay for your groceries with home grown vegetables. So whether we like it or not we really have no option but to use money and when we do that we need banks. The more money we have the more we need highly qualified professionals to tell us how to manage that money and if we need extra cash it is good to have a sympathetic bank manager.

Today I am delighted to welcome you to the opening of the latest branch of (Name of bank). It is a name that is synonymous with trust, ethics and sound advice. We call it the listening bank and that is exactly what it is. It listens to your ideas, your suggestions and your needs. We hope that in opening a branch in this location we will be able to meet the demands of a burgeoning local population. Naturally you can use on-line banking to save you going across town to one of our other branches. Nonetheless, there are times when you need to talk and that’s when we will be here for you.

You will notice that the branch is staffed by local people because we feel they will have more understanding of your particular needs. We have extended our opening hours because that has been one of the suggestions we have been given. So whether you are an early riser or you work late we will be able to meet your particular time schedule. We have extra pass machines outside because we know you hate to queue and above all, we have a close involvement with local businesses.

Today, though, is not a day for talking about profits and losses. Today is a day for celebration and I am very glad you have chosen to celebrate with us. I cannot guarantee that we will be giving out champagne every day so please make the most of it now! To mark this occasion we have printed a brochure outlining our services and each one has been printed with a number. We intend having a draw later on and the lucky winner will win a world cruise. I hasten to add that we will not be giving out world cruises every day either. So make the most of our opening offers!

Tomorrow this bank will be one in a chain of branches all over the world. So if you travel to Asia or run out of money in London we’ll also be there to help. Just now, though, with a little fanfare and fuss, we are opening here. Our aim is to serve you, the local people, locally. So please take your money out of your stockings and bring it along to us. I promise we’ll take very good care of it.

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