Conference Speech Sample

Sample Conference Speech: Closing of Marketing Conference

Title of guest speaker (If applicable), delegates,

There is always a collective sigh of relief at the end of a good conference. That sigh, fortunately, has little to do with boredom and everything to do with impatience. That impatience is to get things done. It is to run as fast as we can back to our businesses and put those great ideas into action. It might even be a changed awareness of a tiny detail of strategy. Or it might be something so simple, yet until it occurred to you here, you had not thought of it in quite that way. It may have been something that happened talking to another delegate. It might be an example that you have seen that has inspired you. Whatever it was, it is there represented in the ‘Collective sigh’.

Now is the time to get going. Now it is time to get back to start working on the next phase. It is time to be doing. All those customers are out there waiting for you to get in touch, to flash into their lives. After all, they have needs and you have the ability to fulfil them. That is what is important now and nothing else. The difference between before and now, is that you have been inspired. Our batteries have been recharged, our appetite for the game whetted. Even when you thought you were staring out of the window watching the clouds roll by it was happening to you. Words, ideas, questions and examples came and went but none is more important, than your own passion for getting the job done.

None of this would have happened without several things. It would not have happened without the whole set up here. That is everyone who has worked so hard and will still be working long after we have retired home. We owe every member of staff here and those who have contributed a huge debt of thanks. They have made this a home from home for us and made us all feel very welcome indeed.

Secondly we should thank every speaker who has had to stand up and address us. I think that you will agree that their sessions/ workshops etc were fascinating and compelling. They have been instructive and just what we needed to hear. We have been forced to sit up and moved to action.

What more could we ask?

Lastly we need to thank every one of you for your contributions and your appreciation. The energy and the enthusiasm surrounding this conference has been remarkable. It had been there in new acquaintances made and it has been there in old friendships rekindled. Most of all it is there in the ‘Collective sigh’ and your determination to go from here and put your ideas into action. I hope that some time in the future you will attend another such conference and have stories to tell of your wonderful successes since attending this one. Goodbye and good luck.

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