Election Speeches Sample

Sample Election Speech: Speech in support of a political candidate from the ruling party

Ladies and gentlemen,

When children are small they play a game to select their future careers. The words of the game go, “Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.” You will notice there is no mention of politician. This may be because children do not understand the work done by politicians or it may simply be because when that rhyme was first written, politicians didn’t sell themselves very well.

That cannot be said these days. Politics is big business and like all big business there is a lot of advertising and hype. Behind all that hype, though, there are people with a passion, people with a belief, people who want to achieve things for others. (Name of candidate) is one of these people. Put bluntly he/she feels he/she has a calling to make a difference in the lives of his/her fellow citizens. This may sound grandiose but let’s face it, there are easier ways of making a living and politicians get very little thanks for their achievements. So they aren’t in it for approbation or wealth. They are in it to make that vital difference. We need people to run our cities and countries so that others can get on with our own lives.

Those lives are pretty complicated these days. We try to balance our social lives with long working hours and time spent commuting. While most of us yearn for the certainty of the family life of yesterday, working couples, childcare costs and family distances makes things different and difficult. (Name of candidate) understands all this. He/she understands the pressures on people today. He/she is committed to ensuring that as much as possible can be done to enable families to have time together. He/she wants structures put in place that will ensure peace of mind for parents who must leave their children in childcare. I suppose you could say that he/she has some very old-fashioned values but we need things like decency and honesty and trust as much as ever.

Today I would ask you to put your trust in (Name of candidate). I would ask you to vote for him/her because in doing so you will be voting for a decent person, a person who really cares about you. He/she will not promise the world because he/she knows that change is slow to come and all he/she can do is say that he/she will keep trying to improve the quality of your lives. He will, after all, be doing so in conjunction with those who have long experience in these matters. He will be working as a part of a winning team. (Name of candidate) has his/her own views on what needs to be done, of course, but he/she is also realistic enough to know that it is almost impossible to change a system single-handedly. You need others who share your belief and who are happy to work with you. That is why/she he is a member of the (Name of party).

He/she knows, you see, that they have made improvements, charted progress and have made plans for further development. He knows that in working with the government he/she has the chance of helping to change destinies.

That’s an awesome challenge when you come to think of it. Imagine having in your power the opportunity to provide jobs, secure housing and see to the welfare of your fellow citizens? Imagine being responsible for the safety and security of your neighbours. Imagine being a politician with all that implies. That is what (Name of candidate) wants to do and he wants your backing.

You have options of course. In a free country you can vote any way you like and that is the joy of democracy. You would like your vote to be an educated vote, though, wouldn’t you? You would like to know that the person you elect has the back up and support to actually achieve wouldn’t you?

You would want to know that your vote made a difference. That is why I ask you to vote for (Name of candidate)

He/she is, you see, the kind of person who cares. Now that’s an old-fashioned thing to say isn’t it?

Yet in a busy, often hostile world, we all need somebody to care don’t we? We need someone who is genuine, someone who understands our problems simply because he/she is one of us.

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