How to give a Business Speech

How to Make a Business Speech

A business speech should be professionally presented with, ideally, a touch of humour. It should reflect the ethos of the company and address the issues of the moment. It ought to tackle staff problems delicately and be upbeat about the future prospects of the company. Above all it should provoke company loyalty.

What to include:

  • Your opening should be catchy enough to provoke your audience’s interest.
  • It should mention the contribution of the staff.
  • Bond with your audience by mentioning an incident known to all.
  • If you have bad news to impart lay the blame on outside forces.
  • If you are attending a function for a retirement or an award do your homework and find out something personal about the retiree or the award winner, such as their interest in golf or the theatre. They will be delighted to know you took so much interest in their lives.
  • Share the good news .If your company has succeeded in getting a big order for instance tell the staff. They deserve to know.

What not to say:

  • Any criticism of a staff member or members should be given privately not publicly.
  • Any incident that reflects badly on the company.
  • Any comment that belittles a rival company.

How to End:

  • If it is a general speech it should end on a challenging and positive note. If it is a personal speech it should end with a toast to the person concerned i.e. to an award winner or a retiree.



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