How to Make a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Speech

How to Make a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Speech

A Bar or Bat mitzvah speech should reflect the importance of the occasion both spiritually and socially. It should sum up just what the occasion means to the boy or girl involved and to his or her family and friends. It should be warm and informal as befits a family occasion.

What to include:

  • References to his/her growing years. It is a day for memories
  • Stress the importance family in the life of Jews.
  • A thanks to the Rabbi/Cantor if either or both are present.
  • Mention the fact that he/she is at a watershed between youth and adulthood with its new responsibilities.
  • Speak of the future that you hope is in store for the boy/girl.
  • Add humour. They are still children after all

What not to say:

  • Anything that will make him/her feel uncomfortable such as teasing him/her about a childhood incidence.
  • Anything blue or smutty.
  • Anything critical. This is a day for praise and encouragement.

How to End:

  • End your speech on a positive note. Depending on the religious convictions of the family your speech may have mentioned the significance of the day. This is usually a family social occasion and your speech should reflect this. Finally bless the boy or girl and end with an appropriate toast.



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