How to Make a Birthday Speech – to celebrant or by a guest

How to Make a Birthday Speech – to celebrant or by a guest

Birthday speeches should be light-hearted yet sincere. Birthday speeches should be congratulatory in tone and, if the audience consists of family and friends, personal in content.

What to include in birthday speeches:

  • Birthday speeches should have an opening that will captivate the attention of the audience.
  • They should mention the celebrant?s personality, talents or hobbies.
  • They should mention the celebrant?s family.
  • They should look back over the celebrant?s past
  • They should look forward to the his/her future
  • The speech should include a thank you for the invitation to attend the celebration.

What not to include:

  • Birthday speeches should not mention anything that will cause pain or embarrassment to the celebrant or guests (e.g. alcoholism)
  • The birthday speech should not be smutty or dirty in any way.
  • There are some people who would find it offensive to have their age mentioned even in fun. So be sure before you roast them.

How to end:

  • Birthday speeches should always end with a relevant birthday toast.



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