How to Make a Charity Fundraising Speech

How to Make a Charity Fundraising Speech

The whole purpose of such a speech is to make people aware of a certain need. It may be for funds for a new wing at a hospital or a benevolent association appeal for a colleague who has fallen on hard times. Whatever the purpose there will be some things you should include and some you should leave out

What to include:

  • Give a very warm welcome.
  • Thank your audience for coming, explaining how much their presence means.
  • State the purpose of the occasion and speak of the benefits that will accrue.
  • Give them the feel good factor by praising their generosity.
  • Encourage them to continue giving in the future.

What not to say:

  • Don’t say too much and lose the whole point of your speech. You should be focussed on the cause itself.
  • Don’t give too many statistics. It confuses people.
  • Don’t forget to mention anyone who has done something particularly special for the cause.

How to End:

  • You should end the speech on a very positive and upbeat note. You should end leaving people convinced that the target can be reached as long as they are involved. You should challenge them to meet that target and feel the satisfaction that comes from doing so.



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