How to Make a Conference Speech

How to Make a Conference Speech

There are many kinds of conference speeches. You may be acting as MC and opening and closing the conference or you may be a guest speaker. The conference subject may be business, health, entertainment or a dozen subjects in between. There is, however, a format for such speeches and you should be careful to keep to it.

What to include:

  • The correct forms of address. Often such conferences have important guests present and it is important that you should address them correctly.
  • A riveting opening that will catch the attention of the audience.
  • An appropriate thank you e.g. to guest speaker, conference organiser or committee.
  • A welcome to all present.
  • A mention of the wonderful venue.
  • The speech should also include content that looks at the topic from an unusual angle. Doctors will have heard thousands of speeches about heart disease already. Make yours stand out.
  • If applicable, your speech should give details of the rest of the conference.

What not to say:

  • Any smutty story or blue joke.
  • Any criticism of the club/association. If you think changes are necessary make an alternative suggestion instead of criticising the present situation.
  • Any critical reference to someone who is present.

How to End:

  • Overall the speech should reflect the ethos of the club/association. If it is a charitable club the speeches should be about how to help others. If it is a business association it should be about how to improve business. If it is relevant the speech should end with a toast to the club/association or perhaps to someone who has served in it.



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