How to Make a Eulogy

How to Make a Eulogy

A eulogy is a public farewell to someone you love. It is your last opportunity to tell the world how much that person meant to you. It can bring comfort to the bereaved and make a funeral service very personal indeed. A eulogy may be given in a church, synagogue, a funeral home or at the graveside. If there is a religious ceremony it is always courteous to speak to a clergyman/woman about giving a eulogy and to get their guidance as to length and content.

What to include:

  • A thank you to all those who have come to the funeral to share your sorrow.
  • A very short potted history of the deceased and a mention of his/her personality/ interests/lifestyle.
  • A touch of humour can be very helpful especially if the deceased was known to enjoy a good laugh.
  • An incident that displayed the goodness/kindness/generosity of the deceased.
  • An explanation of what the deceased meant to you personally.

What not to say:

  • Anything that would be hurtful to the mourners such as a mention of alcoholism or drug taking.
  • Any mention of family discord.
  • Anything that would show the deceased in a poor light. That is not to say that you should make him or her out to be an angel but as we have always been told, you should never speak ill of the dead. So never mention his/hr bad points instead concentrate on his/her virtues.
  • Any lengthy story. A funeral eulogy should be short.

How to End:

  • If the deceased had a belief in the afterlife you could end your eulogy by saying that you know they are enjoying the heavenly reward which they deserved pr that they will always be remembered.
  • If the deceased had no religious conviction then you should simply say that you hope they have found peace.



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