How to Make a Father of the Bride’s Speech

How to Make a Father of the Bride’s Speech

The father of the bride speech?s speech is the keynote speech of the day. It is appropriate that it should be, in turns, both poignant and witty. It should begin with a captivating opening.

What to include:

  • You should welcome the guests if you are the host
  • You should welcome the groom and his family into your family
  • You should speak of your love for, and your pride in, your daughter
  • You should mention your relationship with your new son-in-law
  • You may wish to refer to your own marriage and to thank the bride?s mother for your own happiness.
  • You may want to thank the bride?s mother and perhaps the groom?s for their hard work in organizing the wedding.
  • (If applicable) It?s courteous to thank the clergyman/woman
  • You may like to mention the bridesmaids, especially if they are family members.
  • You should speak about marriage itself and what it means.

What not to say:

  • Never be blue or smutty or offensive
  • Do not mention previous boyfriends or partners
  • Anything that would embarrass a member of the wedding party or a guest e.g. alcoholism or drug taking.

How to End:

  • You should end your speech with a loving toast to the bride and groom.


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