How to Make a Father of the Groom’s Speech

How to Make a Father of the Groom’s Speech

The Father of the groom’s speech should be light-hearted yet sincere. As with all good speeches it should have a riveting opening.

What to include:

  • You should express your thanks to your hosts for a wonderful day.
  • If you are hosting or co-hosting the wedding you should welcome guests.
  • You should mention your son, his hobbies and personality and your relationship with him.
  • You might also might mention your other children and the groom?s place in family life.
  • You must definitely welcome the bride and her family into your family
  • You might, as father of the groom include some pertinent advice on marriage
  • You might like to say some gracious words to your own wife about marriage.

What not to say:

  • Never be blue or smutty or offensive
  • Do not mention previous boyfriends or partners
  • Anything that would embarrass a member of the wedding party or a guest e.g. mention of alcoholism or drug taking.

How to End:

  • Your speech should end with your blessings on the couple.


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