How to Make a Graduation Speech

How to Make a Graduation Speech

A graduation speech marks the difference between living in one world and another. It may be leaving Elementary or High school or graduating from University. There are also of course graduation speeches for those who have done diplomas in various subjects. So a speech has to refer to that specific graduation. Whether you are graduating or speaking to graduates your speech should include the following.

What to include:

  • How happy you are to be there at such a special occasion
  • If you are a Dean your speech should welcome guests.
  • If you are a student the speech should contain appreciation of those who have helped you e.g. your parents and tutors.
  • You should include a mention of friendships made and how important they are.
  • You should also include mention of the future and the opportunities ahead.
  • If you are a guest speaker addressing graduates you should speak about your own area of expertise.
  • Add a touch of humour to your speech. It�s a happy occasion.

What not to say:

  • A graduation speech should always end on a note of idealism and hope. The name of the school/college/university should be mentioned with pride and reference made to its excellence. Above all a graduation speech should be a reflection on the importance of the day.

How to End:

  • End your speech on a motivational note or, if applicable, with a loyal toast.



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