How to Make a Speech for a School/College/University

How to Make a Speech for a School/College/University

Educational speeches should be motivational with a touch of humour added, particularly if you are addressing students. They should refer specifically to your school/college/university and incorporate a sense of pride in it. Like all speeches they should be geared towards your audience and their expectations.

What to include:

  • An opening that will capture the attention of your audience.
  • An explanation of your reason for speaking, i.e the opening of the school year, a welcome to a fundraising function or a retirement party.
  • It should convey the message that your particular school/college/university was the ideal choice for your audience or their children.
  • It should include some mention of an achievement during the year e.g. a sporting award or a scholarship gained.
  • It should include praise for the teachers and staff who do so much work for the pupils.

What not to say:

  • You should never mention an area of conflict between staff.
  • You should never say anything that would insult a member of your audience by, say, making a political reference.

How to End:

  • Your speech should end by speaking optimistically about the challenges ahead. If it is a personal speech, of course, you should end with an appropriate toast.



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