How to Make a Speech

How to Make a Speech

Below you will find links to pages that will give you tips about how to make your speech. Each page includes a section on what to say, often more important what not to say and how to end your speech.

In general the following will also help

Put your speech on numbered cue cards for professional presentation.
Speak clearly and distinctly. It’s no good giving a fascinating speech if no one can hear it!.
Make sure there is enough light for you to see you speech
Take some deep breaths before you start to calm your nerves.
Personalise your piece. Everyone likes to hear a true story. Then practise, practise and practise!
If you use a microphone hold it about nine or ten inches away from your mouth. Don’t swallow it! Make sure the microphone is free-standing so your hands are free for your cue cards.
Leave them laughing. A funny incident is always popular.
Make it short. Your audience should want to hear more not less.

Specific How to Instructions



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