How to Make a Wedding anniversary speech from the couple

How to Make a Wedding anniversary speech from the couple

A wedding anniversary speech from the couple should be light-hearted, thankful and sincere. A little bit of nostalgia adds to the anniversary speech. A wedding anniversary speech is your chance to browse on times past and long ago friends as well as being happy about the present.

What to include in a wedding anniversary speech:

  • An interesting opening to catch the attention of guests.
  • A mention of some incident during the couple?s married life It might be an illness that changed your lifestyle or the marriage of one of your children that resulted in your spending your vacations abroad.
  • A reference to the number of years married especially if it is a big anniversary such as a silver or gold.
  • A funny story always adds to a speech.
  • A mention of who has influenced your life.. It is good, for instance, to say what way people have impressed you or had an impact on your life.
  • An anniversary speech is the ideal chance to say how much certain people mean in your everyday life and to express your appreciation to them.
  • Thanks for gifts.
  • Sometimes it is appropriate to thank a family member or friend for organizing the party.

What should not be included:

  • Anything blue or smutty or offensive
  • A mention of anything personal that might upset a family member or guest (e.g. alcoholism)

How to end:

  • A wedding anniversary speeches from the couple should end on an optimistic note for the future and perhaps you might like to raise a toast to family and friends.



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