How to Make an Armed Forces Speech

How to Make an Armed Forces Speech

Speeches given by members of the armed forces should reflect what the forces mean in their lives. Whether you are retiring yourself or addressing a squadron pride in the flag should be an integral part of the speech.

What to include:

  • The correct protocol. Find out how honored guests should be address so you’ll get your speech off on the right note
  • Speak of shared experiences. Even five star generals had to go on route marches once.
  • Pay tribute to those who have helped and influenced you.
  • Mention the camaraderie of the forces because everyone will relate to that.
  • Add a bit of humour because everyone likes to laugh.
  • Be patriotic in your comments. It’s a matter of pride to serve your country.

What not to say:

  • Don’t be negative about life in the forces.e
  • Don’t go on for ever. A good speech is about content not length.

How to End:

  • End your speech on a motivational note or, if applicable, with a loyal toast.



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