How to Make an Awards Speech

How to Make an Awards Speech

Whether you are giving or receiving an award both speeches should have some things in common. This goes for any kind of award ceremony from sports’ speeches to drama or business awards . They should be gracious and complimentary either to the winner or to those presenting the award.

What to include:

  • The presenter of an award should speak of the hard work, effort and enthusiasm the winner has put into the competition/contest.
  • The presenter should speak of the high standard of entrants for the award and how difficult it was to choose a winner.
  • If the winner is unknown to the audience the presenter should built up the tension by not mentioning the winner until the end of his/her speech.
  • The winner should mention the support and help received from coaches/family/ colleagues or tutors.
  • The winner should speak of his/her good fortune in winning against such stiff opposition.
  • If applicable, the sponsors of the award should also be thanked

What not to say:

  • Any derogatory remarks about an unsporting incident in the competition.
  • Don’t include long and tedious details of the winner’s career or the sponsor’s association with the award. Make it snappy.

How to End:

  • If you presenting the award end by announcing the winner.
  • If you are receiving the award end by saying how much you will always treasure it.



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