How to Make an Informative Speech

How to Make an Informative Speech

An informative speech can be on any topic under the sun It has to be factual not and not one based on your own opinions. It can tell the audience how to do something such as baking a cake or the story of something such as the invention of the wheel. In fact an informative speech is a speech where you inform your audience about something or someone.

What to include:


  • A riveting opening. An informative speech is usually so factual that it is not exciting so your speech should start on a memorable note.
  • You must get your facts right so do your research. Give the dates and details.
  • Your subject should be relevant to your audience. If it�s an audience of new mums the history of the diaper might appeal but it won�t suit an elderly audience. They might prefer to hear the life history of someone who is of their own vintage such as a singer or historical figure.
  • You should ensure that the topic fits the time scale for your speech. You won�t be able to give the history of the world in 8 minutes but you might tell the story of Davy Crockett or that of Joan of Arc.
  • Add a touch of humour if possible. It always enhances a speech.
  • If you are a guest speaker addressing graduates you should speak about your own area of expertise.
  • Add a touch of humour to your speech. It�s a happy occasion.

What not to say:

  • Any opinion of your own. Save them for that book you�re going to write some day
  • Anything offensive to your audience. That does not mean that you have to make the subject of your speech an angel if, in fact, he was a criminal. Don’t, however, say that you think he should have been hanged for his crimes. Just give the facts. The audience may not believe in capital punishment
  • Too many statistics. An audience cannot take absorb them and keep up with your speech.

How to End:

  • Your speech should end with a summary of the life story or the history of the topic you have given. So you might end with; “From the time he was born until the day he died in 1902 John Moore made motoring history.” Alternatively, you might say. “The widget began its life as a scribble on a boy�s schoolbook and has now changed our world.”.



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