There is an art to a good roast speech, and we have perfected it! It is slow, turns well and keeps the juices flowing. It is just the right temperature, light hearted and never over the top. Its flavors are full of fun but emanate respect and fondness. Whatever you particular occasion or subject, your roast speech can be really enjoyed by your friends, family or colleagues. It’s difficult to roast someone we don’t know too well, but there are elements to a roast that tease and allow for some gentle fun.

It’s lovely to be at an occasion where such light hearted fun, can actually be the higher form of flattery and really allow us to understand that all seriousness aside we are all in fact undeniably human and therein lies the real juice of a roast, well turned. Whoever you are roasting our speeches will give you plenty of material and you are free to add as much or as little as you want to liven your roast up.

A. M. Venter, Hartbeespoort (South Africa) said, “They were perfect, just what I needed! Thank you!”