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Sample Inspirational Speech about Health

Staying healthy can and should be our No.1 priority at all times. Staying healthy should be our goal and our mantra. It should be our way of life. A healthier life will usually mean a longer life. It gives us a better chance of a life low in illness and even free of disease. It will mean a life packed with more activities and interests. It will mean a happier life. Getting and staying healthy is also incredibly easy to do.

There are three main areas that must get attention if we are to be healthy. These are diet, exercise and lifestyle. Each one is important. Each relies to some extent upon the other. Perhaps obviously diet and nutrition come first because without these none of us would be able to function at all. Learning about a good diet is not difficult. Sticking to one though means being able to resist temptation!

Exercise too is a vital area for health. The simple fact is we are not getting enough. Knowing how much is too little and what to do to rectify that is not difficult. Finding a little time and the motivation is all you need. Lastly our lifestyle might not seem on the face of it important to maintaining a good state of health, but in fact it is vital. A lifestyle that means getting too little sleep or one that is prone to stress is seriously bad for your health. Staying healthy means leading a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition sounds like a clinical word. However getting the proper nutrition into our bodies is a vital living function. It is knowledge that you should have and if you do not, then you should take some time to find out about it. We have more information than ever before on the subject of diet and nutrition yet our eating habits are still incredibly lazy. Proper nutrition means regular meals. It means eating snacks that are actually beneficial rather than high sugar and high fat foods. These are junk foods. They are not nutritious and they will do nothing more than make you overweight and eventually ill.

A copy of the food triangle is an excellent way of finding out exactly what and how much we should be eating each day. A proper balanced diet means eating far more fruit and vegetables that we do now. It means eating lean meats and low fat dairy products. It means a diet that is rich in pulses, nuts and cereals. On top of that we should be piling on tomatoes, greens, and garlic. These foods, along with phenomenal amounts of vitamins, contain vital antioxidants that prevent illnesses. They can even repair our bodies.

Overwhelming evidence now shows that our diets of junk and processed foods are actually causing us harm. If you are interested in staying healthy and perhaps in losing weight, then you have to take a serious and informed look at what you are putting into your mouth.

Can you touch your toes without too much effort? Many of us sadly can no longer even manage that simple feat. The fact is once upon a time we could. We were born flexible. We were flexible when we were children. We ran about bending and stretching our bodies without too much trouble. These days such versatility is sometimes a dream! We are overweight and out of condition. Children today are as much as 30% more overweight than 30 years ago.

Do you know what your height to weight ratio is? It gives you the ideal weight for your exact height. Firstly you should find out how you measure up. Secondly start thinking now about how to bring exercise back into your life. We were not born to stand about nor slump down in front of the TV, video or computer. Yet this is all most of us do for 20 hours a week or more. Get up, get out and get some exercise! Exercise is work, yet it can be enjoyable and rewarding. Exercise means you will look better. Exercise means you will feel better. If you begin to exercise you will find that you have far more energy.

You can forget about the excuse of a lack of facilities. Neither should the costly price of a gymnasium or health club put you off. Recent research has indicated that one of the best forms of exercise is plain old walking! Yet many of us shrink back in horror at even the thought of having to walk anywhere. 30 minutes walking a day will improve your fitness and your health. 30 minutes walking a day will feed your heart muscle with vital oxygen. Your heart will become stronger as a result. Your blood cells will increase in number. Add on swimming or basketball, roller lading, biking, dancing or even rowing and you will be fast on the road to becoming physically fit. You will be beginning to lead a motivated and a healthy lifestyle. You may even begin to enjoy yourself while doing it.

Taking exercise means that you will be able to keep your weight down. Every time we eat, our bodies use the nutrients as fuel. We burn those nutrients in order to produce calories. Without calories we could not function. Unused calories are stored by the body as fat. Exercise keeps our weight trim by using up those calories. If you increase the amount of exercise you do and at the same time reduce the amount you eat, you will actually begin to lose weight.

Exercise not only makes you fitter and keeps your weight in trim, it makes you feel happier. It is able to do this through the release of endorphins. These are chemicals that create a happy feeling in your brain. It is an astonishing fact that the incidence of chronic disease could be cut by perhaps 40% in the US, if everyone were to walk for just 30 minutes a day. Isn’t that incredible? Yet despite this evidence and the possible rewards less than a third of adults even get a minimum amount of exercise. 40% of adults are almost completely sedentary.

Paying attention to your lifestyle means not staying up late. It means not working long hours into the night, nor partying till dawn. It means eating regular meals at regular times. It means not exposing your body or mind to constant stress or fatigue. It means avoiding tobacco at all costs. Smoking tobacco is one of the worst things that you can do to a body. Smoking causes more diseases than any other habit. It is never too late to stop. A healthy lifestyle also means avoiding alcohol and other illegal drugs. It means looking after yourself properly and not getting run down and ill.

It is never too late to regain your health and fitness. Changes that you make to your diet and fitness will be quickly appreciated by your body. It is not necessary to be fanatical about your decision to become fitter and stay healthy. Staying healthy means eating right and staying physically active. The incidence of many illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases and the prevalence of strokes and cancers could be drastically reduced by adjusting our diets and taking more regular exercise. It’s a life-changing step to take, yet it’s simple and it’s free. Above all it is never too late to start. So why not begin right now?

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