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The Ispeeches Team:

Niamh Crowe

Niamh Crowe
CEO of

Niamh Crowe, CEO

Niamh has been writing speeches and poems for 40 years and has written most of the speeches you will find on Prior to launching the business, she wrote feature articles for many Irish and international publications. Niamh and her husband, Fred, reside in Dublin, Ireland, and have 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

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Fred Crowe, Director

Fred is an accountant and a 35-year veteran of the IT industry. He has worked with KPMG in Dublin and is co-founder and former director of the Irish Internet Association and former president of the Dublin’s Lions Club. At, he is responsible for technical management, marketing and administration.

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Elisabetta Ulargiu, COO

Liz lives in Sardinia, Italy, and speaks fluently in many languages including English, Spanish, German, French and, of course, Italian. She manages operations for the global sites of and assists with marketing.

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Ciara Leahy, Customer Support Manager

Daughter of Niamh and Fred, Ciara is a qualified speech and drama teacher and handles customer service for She is married to Sean and has 4 children.

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