Sample Military Speech: Armed Forces Disbanding of Regiment Speech

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Sample Military Speech:
Armed Forces Disbanding of Regiment Speech

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Summary: This speech is suitable for a C.O. who wishes to address his/her troops when a regiment is being disbanded.

Sample Military Speech

Today I have the same feelings as most of us have we look at the memorial to the unknown warriors. I feel sadness and nostalgia. Today (Name of regiment) is being disbanded and I cannot help but feel a great sense of loss and yet I also feel pride. I feel pride in those who have served so selflessly for so long. As your C.O. I know more than most what wonderful soldiers you are. I am grateful for your loyalty since I took over this command. I am grateful for your friendship and support. So although we are saying goodbye to our regiment today I know we are not saying goodbye to the qualities you possess in abundance.

With our disbanding goes a bit of history. Our members have fought in many battles over the years. They have done us proud wherever they served. They have had their own traditions and mascots. They go with an untarnished record of bravery and courage. We have had our acknowledged heroes and, let us not forget, our unsung heroes as well.

So our regiment goes and with it goes stories that we will tell our grandchildren. With it go many friendships of those united under the same banner. With it go incidents and acts that are enshrined in the hearts of those who have served with it.

Yet times change and armies must change with them. There has to be consolidation and there has to be economy of scale. Perhaps one of the reasons for our success as an armed force is because we have accepted that need for change. If we hadn’t we would still be using cannon guns today.

So although we may march past for the last time today we are also marching forward to the future. In our new regiment we will find new friends and new challenges. Perhaps now is a time to consider just why we joined the forces and why we continue to serve our country.

That word country sums it all up I think. Whatever badges we wear we are all united in one armed force with the aim of defending our nation. We are all individual bricks in the wall that keeps our democracy safe. We serve the cause of peace wherever we are sent to serve.

So although today I am sad, I am also glad. I am glad that we are being given the opportunity to prove ourselves in the future as we have proven ourselves in the past. I know that wherever you go or whatever you do you will serve as you have always served with loyalty, professionalism and true hearts. (If applicable) May God bless you all.

Today we are saying a final farewell
To the regiment in which we took pride
Where we served together over the years
Should to shoulder, side by side.
What the future holds I cannot tell
But one thing I do know for sure
Is that your heads you’ll still hold high
Serving at home or on tour.
I’d like to offer my thanks to you
You’ve served me well and though I rue
The disbanding of the regiment we held dear
The future beckons and to me it is clear
That you’ll always be what you’ve been for me
The best troops of all in the military.

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