Sample Motivational Speech: Unleash your secret genie

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Sample Motivational Speech:
Unleash your secret genie

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Sample Motivational Speech

All of us at some time or other have wished for a secret genie or a fairy Godmother. We would like to rub the magic lamp and have the genie of our wishes appears. Who hasn’t as some time wished that scenario a part of their lives? Most of us though have dismissed such fairy tale adventures as fantasy or wishful thinking.

Yet wishful thinking might not be so far from the truth after all. Don’t some people seem to have all the luck? We are not just talking about lottery winners, but those who seem to glide from success to success in life. They are not just the wealthy but the blessed, the healthy and happy; they who seem to be fortunate and content in whatever they do. They may be in the minority after all life as we know it is not that way at all. It is hard and filled with struggle. We lurch from crisis to crisis. Wouldn’t we like to have their luck? Wouldn’t we like to know their secret? What if we could borrow their magic lamp for even just a little while?

The fact is we all have a secret genie. Every one of us has access to an incredible power of attraction. That power has the ability to grant our wishes. This energy is not magic or mysterious. It is a vital part of who we are and it resonates with a vibration that connects us to every living thing in the universe. The truth is if we chose, we could tap into this energy and attract the things we really desire towards us.

Quite rightly we are a little cynical about the idea of fairy godmothers and genies popping out of bottles. We know a lot of other things too. We know for example that we are made out of molecules and we are filled with and vibrate with buzz with energy. We know that our subconscious minds are filled with power and possibilities. We understand that 90% of our brain power or possibility is a mystery to us.

We have some idea too that if we believe something to be real or be possible, that knowledge or belief entirely changes the world and our perception of it. We know too that there is a certain truth in coincidence. Some people call it a self fulfilling prophecy. If we wake up expecting a bad day, a bad day is exactly what we get. If we feel happy, optimistic and look forward to an event, it often turns out to be an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

We understand that the mind is an incredibly complex and infinite place. Its potential to create and invent is unlimited. We know that mind power or rather our ability to control our minds, is an amazing resource. It can control our fears, and radically affect our determination. It can shape our beliefs and our faith.

Yet what is the mind exactly? We can’t see it or touch it but our power and potential to direct it is limitless. It is an incredible resource and it is all yours. We are the people who began this speech avowing that we didn’t believe in genies or fairy god mothers. Yet we have something just as powerful and awesome at our disposal – and look how we treat it!

There are other unlimited forces within us that have the power to shape and form our experience of the world. Ask yourself where your potential comes from. To fulfil ‘my potential’ is one of life’s goals for many people. Yet we act and talk as if there is a limit to it. We talk as if the outcome of life is a matter of luck of chance. What though is the difference between the potential or one person and another?

For many years the goal of running a four minute mile was thought to be impossible. Then one person believed it to be possible and it was achieved. Suddenly the world was filled with four minute milers. Human endeavour is littered with such inspiring examples. Once something is thought possible, once the mind is set to believing it, it really happens. We live in a fascinating world of constantly changing possibility. The possibilities are literally endless. You have the potential to change your life, with every decision you make.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared with what lies within us and when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”

Miracles, magic, spells and wishes all come from inside us.

The Universal Law of Attraction is one way of realising the potential within us to literally create magic and to make things happen. It is a belief that everything in the universe is connected and that we can use this connection to deliberately attract what we want into our life. The realisation of the potential of this understanding to change and alter our lives is immense.

Is it really possible to create what we want? Surely everyone would be summoning up piles of gold and luxury cars! The truth is that we believe such manifestations are impossible. Most of us believe that life works the other way around. They believe that the world deals out bad things to them. It is fairly easy to hear these people, they are everywhere. They are filled with blame and negative thoughts and feelings. To be honest most people think that life is game of chance, and that some people are simply lucky but the majority are not.

Imagine for a minute that you did not believe this. Imagine that by changing your way of thinking that you could actually change your life. Instead of concentrating on the negative, ban such thoughts from your mind. Reach for the thought that feels better at all times. Listen to your emotions as you select the thoughts, the experiences and things that you want in your life. Rather than spending time thinking about all the bad things that you do not want, concentrate on the good. What makes you feel happy in your heart?

Whatever you fill your mind with has habit of being attracted towards you. Focus on the positive and the light. Using your emotions as a guide, begin to focus on the good things that you really want in your life. Create in this space, this time and reality what you want in your imagination. In a way it is a little like entering a term into the search engine of life. Pressing ‘go’ is sending that thought or request out there into cyber space or the universe. ‘Key’ in destructive or negative terms and is there any surprise what will be thrown up?

You will be plunged into a whole stream of negativity, hate, doom and gloom. Change the scenario by putting in positive terms and suddenly the universe is filled with people, places circumstance and events brought about by inspiration. Your thoughts have indeed become a reality. The fact is the universe is full of all of these things. You can choose the ones you want to be surrounded by though your own magic wishes. Your secret genie is just another way of describing the incredible power and potential we all possess.

What do you really want? This is vital question. Do you remember the old fairy tales, when upon being granted three wishes, the subject usually responds by blowing the first two and using the third just to get back to normal? You really have to know what you want.

The truth is piles of gold or luxury cars are not what we need or not what we should be asking for. Your potential is more than that. It may be possible that you don’t know what you want. You can find out. Begin by listing all those places where you don’t want to be. Identify what you don’t want. Now turn that around into positive statements that focus on what you wish to change.

Make a list of these statements or desires. They might be things you enjoy or love. They might be things that would benefit you and if possible, others. Visualise yourself doing these things. Make them your secret mantra, focusing on them upon waking and before sleep. Make the connection between the universe and your heart. You might be surprised to find the things that you can put into motion.

You have the ability to turn things around. The universe is listening. Your dreams as you visualise them are taking shape. The search engine of the universe is throwing together all the combinations you will need. You are harnessing the most powerful force in the universe and that is your mind.

Your mind is like the sky. It connects with everything else and stretches to infinity. The connection guided by your emotion links your heart to the universe. There is no stronger or more vital connection in life. Where do these feelings and this power come from? They come from you. It lies within each and every one of us but we must believe in it. If we find ourselves feeling negative, move back to the positive. Learn to focus on our desires and send out our good intentions.

Now comes the interesting part, taking action. Not just action but inspired action. You must allow things to happen and you will not do this by lying in bed simply meditating on good things. The search engine turns up web sites, contacts, addresses information. It gives you all sorts of ways forward and this is what happens in life. Act like you are already there in your mind but of course you have to ‘activate’ the opportunities being handed down to you. Above all, you must look around you to pick up on the gifts and help that is there.

You must do more than simply hope, you must believe. When you desire with belief it can happen. When you focus positively you allow things to manifest as reality. Yet you must take action. You must ask yourself the question, how can I get to where I want to be? It will require effort and it may even seem to be difficult and yes, you will make mistakes. You will need to look for signs. The universe will be sending them to you but you must look for them, recognise them and follow them.

The rewards if you can do this will be more than worth it. They will be more than plies of gold, or palaces and limousines. They will be a sense of self worth, happiness and contentment for which even Aladdin himself would be happy to trade the magic lamp.

Unleash your secret genie

We all have a genie deep down inside
But most of us don’t realise
That we can unleash its magic power
To become happy or healthy or wise.
But if we just realised the fact
That we could do so much more
That life would be full of amazing chances
To opportunity we’d open the door
So try to listen and to understand
That life would be brilliant and grand
If you believed, reached out for the best
That’s available, go on try this test
Self confidence, self belief call it what you will
That genie will help you your wishes fufill.

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