School Speech Sample

Sample School Speech: Anniversary of college or university

Title/s of honoured guest/s, staff, students, ladies and gentlemen

Has it ever occurred to you that an anniversary of a birthday is a bit like the birthday of a student’ Both have grown over the years. Both have learnt as they grew and each year of their lives has been marked by different experiences. Both have friends and supporters who have a great interest in their progress. It is fitting then that the friends of (Name of college/university) are gathered here today to celebrate our (Number of years) anniversary.

A journalist who did some research would find many stories associated with the university. There would be the obvious ones such as the successes that it had in the sporting, dramatic or musical fields. There would be the success rates for examinations passed. Much more importantly though would be the lives lived by the students and the achievements of the past pupils/alumni. In any group of people there are so many varying talents and skills. In any classroom you may find an excellent fisherman, a wonderful dancer or a lovely singer. Consider the various

activities and careers of our past pupils/alumni and you will see how they have been influenced by their education.

There is a saying that every action of our lives touches some chord that will vibrate in eternity. Can you imagine then the awesome effects of tutors/professors who spend years teaching their pupils? Theirs is a grave responsibility yet here at (Name of college/university) we have many fine teachers who have managed to meet their responsibilities and still retained their sanity! Tonight we express our thanks to them

For work well done.

(Name of college/university) has an ethos that is unmistakably its own and has a profound effect on its pupils. I would not be silly enough to claim that all the students are eager beavers and cannot wait to learn but I do believe that they are happy, at least, to meet with their friends and perhaps learn despite themselves. I believe too that many of the things they learn here cannot earn them marks in any examination but will stand to them for life. I think the success of a college/university depends of installing in its pupils open and questioning minds. I believe the success of a college/university lies in teaching respect for the beliefs of others. Certainly the past pupils of (Name of college/university) leave here having achieved much more than an academic education.

Today then we celebrate parents, governors and staff coming together for the benefit of students. We celebrate too what the students have taught us over the years. This is a day for friends of the college/university to come together and to see what has been done and what can be done in the future. Our challenge will always be to educate by using the most modern techniques while retaining old-fashioned core values.

Education they say is a delayed action bomb assembled in the classrooms for explosion at a later date. I hope that here at (Name of college/university) we will continue to assemble such bombs and blast future generations of students into becoming well educated individuals with much to offer our society.

Happy anniversary (name of school/college/university!

If the function is a formal one you may wish to end with a toast to the college/university.

Ladies and gentlemen please join me in a toast to (Name of college/university)

May it continue to feed hungry minds for many more years to come. (Name of college/university!)


Ladies and gentlemen please join me in a toast to a very special college/university. May it continue to provide what it does best and that is opportunity. Name of college/university!)

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