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Confusing speeches and speaches

You may have arrived at this page because you searched for SPEACH or SPEACHES.
This is not the correct spelling of the word.
The words are spelt with EE instead of EA i.e. speech and speeches

As any foreigner knows English is a very difficult language to learn. After all if the plural of house is houses why isn’t the plural of mouse mouses? How are they meant to distinguish a sale in a store from the sail of a ship? There are thousands of books written to explain such mysteries as split infinitives and the genitive case.

Spelling, however, seems to confuse even native speakers. The word speech is spelt as speach by thousands of people who do know the difference between a dog’s tail and a fairy tale but who, for some unknown reason continue to write down speach instead of the correct word speech.,

It’s not because of the way it’s pronounced either You can understand people having difficulties with “Weight” and “Wait” both of which are pronounced the same way by all but the extreme purists. A speech, however, is still as speech whatever way it is spelt.

English has changed because of common usage. While Oxford English is considered standard English in Britain in the U.S.A., for instance, words like value are spelt valu or the way they are pronounced. This doesn’t, though, apply to speech.

The mystery remains then. Are teachers and parents teaching children the wrong way or do they bother teaching them at all? When the President gives a speech does it matter if it is a speech or a speech? Perhaps the only solution is to call it an oration to the nation!

Why is speech spelt speach?
When both words sound the same
Why do writers write down speech?
When it’s not the right name?
In fact where did speaches come from?
When they should be just speeches?
Sometimes one must wonder
Just what each teacher teaches.
It’s understandable with words like sail
As opposed to garments on the rail
That are there for a summer sale
But oh dear me how can we fail
With a word of which there’s only one?
It’s SPEECH when all is said and done.

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