How to Make an After Dinner Speech

How to Make an After Dinner Speech

An after dinner speech should be gracious in tone.

What to include:

  • Thank those who invited you to speak.
  • Mention the wonderful meal.
  • Add a little humour. People like to laugh.
  • Try to make your speech look at the association or group you are addressing from a different angle.
  • Try to mention some connection you have with the club/association you are addressing..
  • Get over heavy ground lightly. No matter how deep the subject try to make it entertaining.

What not to say:

  • Don’t include the wrong titles in your address. A Major won’t thank you for calling him Sergeant. So get the titles right.
  • Don’t include too many statistics. People won’t remember them if they have dined and wined well.
  • Don’t include too many details. It’s a social occasion and people will want to chat.

How to End:

  • Be positive about the group you are addressing and what they do. You should end your speech on a complimentary note regarding their club/association/business.. Then ask the guests to join you in a toast if that is appropriate.



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