How to Make a Best Man’s Speech

How to Make a Best Man’s Speech

The best man speech is generally eagerly awaited. As the Best man usually acts as M.C. for the wedding his best man speech is expected to be light-hearted yet sincere. His role is to respond to the toast of the maids of honor (bridesmaids in the UK) and the best man speech is always the final speech. That means that the best man?s speech sets the tone for the reception to follow.

What to include:

  • Your best man speech should have an opening that will grab the attention of the audience
  • You should explain your relationship with the groom and tell a story or incident about that relationship.
  • You should thank the hosts for your enjoyment of a wonderful wedding reception.
  • You should praise the bride?s beauty and her character.
  • You should mention how good it is to see so many friends and relatives supporting the couple on their wedding day.
  • You should express your own good wishes to the couple.
  • A funny story always adds to a speech.

What not to say:

  • Never be blue or smutty or offensive
  • Do not mention previous partners of either the bride or groom.
  • Never mention anything that might cause embarrassment. You should not, for instance, mention alcohol if the bride?s father is an alcoholic.

How to End:

  • Your speech should end with a reply to the toast to the maids of honor (bridesmaids in the U.K.) given by the groom.
  • If the father of the bride is not toasting the happy couple you should give this final toast.



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