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Environmental Conference Speech Pack

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Speeches for use by an Emcee (mc), chairman or facilitator at an environmental conference for opening, closing and thanks to guest speaker. There are 9 complete speeches in the conference speech pack, each one about 3 minutes long. These motivational speeches by an M.C. or an executive welcome delegates at the opening of a an environmental conference. The votes of thanks praise the speakers for their contribution to the event. There are three complete votes of thanks (each one 2 or 3 minutes long) to a speaker. There is an optional paragraph in each vote of thanks which would make it suitable if the function was also social i.e. a company dinner. Finally there is a very complete separate thank you suitable for use when a speaker has not met the expectations of the audience but where good manners dictate that he should be thanked anyhow! The closing speeches provide apt words to close an environmental conference on a positive note.


Our environmental conference speech pack ensures that an M.C./Emcee or facilitator gets that seminar off to a good start, says all that needs to be said and closes that conference with skill and professionalism. The 3 welcoming speeches put delegates at their ease and explain how and what will be happening at the conference. The three thank you speeches to guest speakers are appreciative in tone. There is even a polite thank you to a speaker who could have been better!

The three closing speeches summarize all that has happened and challenge the delegates to continue to work to save the environment . Our environmental conference speech pack can save you time and effort. If you use the poems also included in the pack you will certainly add a special touch to the proceedings.

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