Wedding Anniversary Speeches – Ten Top Tips on What to Say or Do

Wedding Anniversary Speeches – Ten Top Tips on What to Say or Do

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Author: Niamh Crowe

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Summary: The 10 most important tips – to say or do when you are giving wedding anniversary speeches. Here is a practical and useful list of them!


  1. Don’t say anything in your wedding anniversary speech that would distress the anniversary couple. Subjects such as drug taking or alcoholism in the family should be avoided at all costs.


  2. Do not speak of somebody who is deceased unless you know that the couple would like you to mention the fact that they are with you in spirit on the day. Much will depend on how recent the bereavement is. It is really safer to check whether or not the couple would be upset at the mention.


  3. If it is your own anniversary do not mention private matters of contention to the guests who are present. So don’t talk seriously about the way your wife spends all your money foolishly or the fact that your husband is really a workaholic who can’t spare the time to look after his own children.


  4. Don’t mention previous marriages. If there are children from a previous marriage present you should be very careful about mentioning them unless of course you know the couple would like you to do so.


  5. Don’t say anything derogatory about marriage itself even in a joking manner. This is a celebration of matrimony and everything you say should be positive.


  6. Don’t forget to check the anniversary before you give the speech. Each anniversary is different and there is no point in talking about rubies if the party you are attending is for a golden wedding anniversary.


  7. Don’t say anything about the actual wedding day of the couple unless you are sure you have your facts right. If you mention the bridesmaids or the best man be sure you have their names right even fifty years on.


  8. Don’t tell dirty jokes or blue stories. A wedding anniversary party is usually a family occasion and you don’t want to offend anybody. Don’t take that to mean though that your speech shouldn’t be light-hearted.


  9. Don’t be too sentimental in what you say. A little sentiment is all right but it should be laced with some humor. A wedding anniversary speech is not the time for tear-jerkers. The speech should reflect the fact the couple is celebrating.


  10. Never mention a family member who has been the cause of family distress It’s fine to say John would dearly love to be present but unfortunately, had to be away on unavoidable business at this time. It’s not good to say that John would love to be there except that he is, unfortunately, in prison.


Niamh Crowe is the CEO of the web’s leading speech site ( according to and Online since 1994, her site has thousands of speeches for every event and occasion including birthdays, weddings, graduations etc. She lives in Ireland where she is married to Fred. The have 5 children.

Niamh Crowe

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