Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Speeches Sample

Sample Bar & Bat Mitzvah Speech: Bat Mitzvah from friend or peer of the girl

Rabbi and Friends:

A Bat Mitzvah is a time of great celebration in a family. It’s a time when family members make a great effort to be present no matter how far they have to travel. It’s a time when people look back, each on her or his own Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah.

Leah and I are lucky in that we have a great friendship. The best thing about such a friendship is the fact that it grows and adapts. We both know that we are growing and changing. Our friendship is growing and changing too. We both know that is ok, because at the back of everything we do we are supported by our Faith.

Now teenagers probably don’t talk about faith too much. We may talk about our parents being old fashioned too. Deep down, though, it makes us feel good to have an identity, to have boundaries and limits. I know that God is going to be striking up a very good relationship with Leah today. It will be like a friendship, but one that is selfless. At the same time it gives us a place to belong and an identity and even a purpose.

Of course we can wish for all manner of different things. We wish the world was a more peaceful place and that everybody respected your rights. Yet we know that we are lucky because we have the freedom to practice our own faith. We know that in a sense we are privileged. I know that I am lucky too to have a good friend in Leah. Wherever we go and whatever we do in the future, I know that we will be able to keep that friendship like our faith, alive.

Today, I know, is and exciting day for Leah and all her family. It is a wonderful day for all who know her. I am especially delighted to be the friend who gets to speak on this special day. Leah will probably tell you I speak too much or I keep telling her what to do but that’s what friends do. They tease one another, they laugh together and they do things together. They even swap clothes. Leah knows that she is my best friend and that today I thank God for the gift of her friendship. She is a very special person in my life. I hope she will always be.

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