Grand Opening Speech Sample

Sample Grand Opening Speech: Opening of a Gym speech

We live in a society where 60% of us are overweight and even obese. The bottom line, now matter how you dress it up, is that we are eating too much of the wrong food and not getting enough exercise. Every sensible and accurate diet promotes exercise and physical activity. Well today we are very excited to be opening an institution that is going to provide a facility for just that kind of activity. This gym is taking its place at the heart of this community. It is taking its place in a vital war for the health and well being of our society. It is appropriate then I think that I welcome you to the opening of this very special gym.

“If motivation is what get you started, habit is what keeps you going” These true words are attributed to Jim Ryun. I think we can all appreciate the sentiment and wisdom at their heart. It is one of those truths in life that sums up the human condition aptly.

How many people I wonder have thought about joining a gym. Millions do of course and billions more probably think about it but don’t act on it. There is a surprising stat somewhere, linked to

New Year’s resolutions that shows how gym memberships rise dramatically at the start of the year.

Why is it that some people do not acquire the habit? I have a feeling that this is about to change, at least in this city/town it will.

Today we are opening not just “another” gym. This is a special and above all a professional institution. We are lucky to be opening a virtual palace to fitness and body care. What a place this is. Here there is ambience and an atmosphere that makes no room for confusion ? this is place to come to unwind to relax be in good company but above all, a place to come to work on yourself.

There is no doubt that here is not just motivation, here is habit. Here is a shrine to possibility.

Might this be a vice worth pursuing? I think there is no question that the members will very quickly be passing on the word. The tremendous facilities and the up to date gym equipment and just the ambience of the place that I have a chance to savour tonight are very impressive.

Personal recommendation is a very powerful tool indeed. This gym (name of gym) is going to be an extreme asset to the community. To its credit it is not just about facilities and ambience. It is also about professionalism and the team here have a wide and deep experience in fitness. There is not doubt the customer here will not just be valued but will benefit very much on a personal level.

There is advice and there is good advice and the latter is in no short supply from Jo (name(s) as appropriate) and her team. Here then we have the motivation, and the expertise. We have the facilities. I think for many of us there is a great sense of expectation about the fabulous habits that will surely follow.

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