Wedding Anniversary Speech Sample

Sample Wedding Anniversary Speech

Has it ever occurred to you that celebrating a wedding anniversary is like flicking through a photo album? It is a day for remembering old friends and shared occasions. Tonight one of the photos in that album of memories is a wedding photo. Tonight we are celebrating that wedding of Mary and John and their years together since that special day.

So we are celebrating commitment, love and loyalty. We are celebrating the marriage of a couple who believed in being true to their wedding vows. We are celebrating how two totally different people became a unit while still retaining their individuality. We are definitely celebrating the attraction of opposites.

Mary and John, you see, are two separate people with different ideas. They share the same values, of course, but they each have their own outlook and characteristics. Mary, like many wives, wonders why John cannot simply ask somebody for directions when he is lost instead of driving around in circles. John, like most husbands cannot understand why his wife takes such a long time to buy a dress. So over the years they have learnt to be tolerant of each other. Mary has got used to taking the scenic route and John brings a good book with him when Mary goes shopping. Alternatively he bribes a female friend to go with her.

Marriage, you see, is about tolerance. It’s about a shared sense of humour. In a hard world it needs to have a network of family and friends to support it. Today, I know Mary and John are delighted too that you are here with them to share this special occasion. We, on the other hand, are delighted to be here to wish them well on their anniversary.

Their marriage has had its trials and tribulations of course. It has also had its golden moments. (If applicable)There have been births and birthdays. There have been triumphs and disasters but over all the years John and Mary clung together and survived it all. I have no doubt but that they have cried and wiped each others’ tears. I know for a fact that they have laughed long and often and that, I think, is the secret of their happy marriage.

Mary and John are very special people. They always have time for others. They are generous to a fault and they have an open door policy when it comes to family and friends. In fact they are wonderful parents, marvellous family members and the best friends anyone could have.

So tonight we are gathered to thank them for what they have meant to us over the years. Tonight we want to wish them many more years of happiness together. In fact ladies and gentlemen (or family and friends) I think you will all agree that a toast is in order. So please raise your glasses in a toast to a couple whose marriage was definitely the prototype for marriages made in Heaven. Mary and John!

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